Why Does Autism Still Exist?

My new blog post is up. I hope you'll take time to open it. I've spent the last week immersed in conversations with science-y friends and family, YouTube videos about genetics, and boatloads of articles and charts. I'm trying to make sense of this. As my daughter walked me through the difference between a genotype and a phenotype, she said, " Didn't you learn this in high school?"

The sad truth is as follows: My high school biology teacher was the football coach. Between five and ten thousand people attended every Friday night game. Nothing was more important than football at my high school. Coach B. was also an evangelical Christian. On Tuesdays we devoted class to religion, which mostly meant condemning my best friend, a Muslim, and me, a Jew. On Fridays we rested up for the big game. The only topic of conversation allowed was football. Mondays we discussed last Friday's game. So did I learn this stuff in high school? No.

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