Why I'm here

I never planned on being a writer, but I also never planned on being the mother of an autistic child. I want to write about this experience in a public blog, rather than a personal journal, because I believe that some of the questions I ask as I try to grow within myself while doing right by my child are questions asked by other parents of children with special needs. The feeling of "yes, I think/feel that too" provides powerful strength to those of us trying to make sense of this journey. I want to explore the challenge of wanting to help my child get "better" while also helping  her celebrate her identity. What does it mean to call her autism a disability? What does it mean to reject that label in favor of neurodiversity? Why, even when I want to embrace the second label wholeheartedly, do I continue to wish she weren't so obviously different? When am I helping her to broaden her own expression of a meaningful life, and when am imposing my needs and wishes on her?

I would love to connect with other parents and also with adults who live with neurological differences. I would like to create a space to dialogue about cure vs identity and about how we think about a meaningful life. If this is blog is successful, I hope I will have given myself the confidence and connections to write a book consisting of interviews with parents.