Educational Advocacy

Much of your child's day is--or will be--spent in school. For some families a non-public school will be the best option; for others, the Chicago Public Schools will be providing your child's education. In either case, you will need to know how to request an evaluation, create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and, most importantly, work with your child's teacher to support your child.

Special Family Support can send an experienced, accredited teacher to observe your child in the classroom setting and then work with the teacher to develop appropriate accommodations. We help teachers understand the neurological underpinnings for a child's behavioral and academic challenges, and then we strategize with the teacher about ways to facilitate learning. We will develop a set of recommendations about goals, modifications and accommodations, and placement to be delineated in the IEP, and we will advocate for the family at the meeting. If the school does not fulfill its obligations, we work with the family to ensure compliance.

  • Finding the right school

  • Observing your child's classroom

  • Consulting with teachers about effective strategies

  • Crafting strong, meaningful IEPs

  • Assessing current IEP goals and modifications/accommodations

  • Monitoring IEP compliance

  • Transitioning smoothly to a new school