Special Family Support mentors the families of children with special needs as they develop strategies to meet the challenges of raising a special child. We advise parents about educational issues, therapy options and family support opportunities.

"Barb understands and articulates our child's profile during IEP meetings and comes up with creative recommendations that have enhanced the quality of life for not only our special needs daughter but for our entire family."

"Barbara's ongoing support has helped me keep my focus on the positive and remain optimistic even when things were not going well."

"Smart parents and teachers of kids with special needs will want Barb in their corner!"

"Offers real solutions and strategies that leave everyone feeling smarter."

When a child is diagnosed with a developmental "difference," parents are often left to their own devices to navigate the special needs labyrinth in Chicago. What services are available, and how does a parent choose the right ones? What options for schooling should be considered, and how do parents guarantee that appropriate supports are in place? How does a family maintain the strength to support the child, other siblings, and the parents in the face of such long-term challenges? Special Family Support, LLC was established to help parents answer these questions, and also to help parents build upon the strengths and gifts unique to their own child.